Manolis N. Stavrakakis

Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Viticulture, Department of Crop Science, Agricultural University of Athens.


Among the research and educational fields of his scientific career, both the description, identification and discrimination of Greek grapevine varieties (initially using the ampelographic method, afterwards with the use of biochemical markers and recently with the use of molecular methods) and the implementation of the clonal selection to highlight the most valuable clones of the Greek vineyard hold a significant position. For these issues, he has published a great number of scientific papers.


At the same time, he has contributed as a scientific coordinator in solving important problems regarding the Greek viticulture, with the elaboration and implementation of various studies and research programs. These include: the genetic and ampelographic study of Greek grapevine varieties involved in the production of the Malvazia wine, the determination of the degree of genetic similarity of the Moschata grapevine varieties, the recording, the ampelographic and genetic study of Greek varieties on the verge of extinction, the reformulation study of the Cretan vineyard, the integrated program of restoring the damages caused by frost at Tirnavos vineyard in 2002, the regeneration study of the grapevine regions of Peloponnese which were affected by the devastating fires in the summer of 2007 etc.


Among other things, he has participated as a coordinator or member in interscientific and research committees, as well as in working groups which dealt with issues of the viticulture and vitiviniculture sector and he has served as national representative at the International Organization of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.).


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